Many companies are transforming their business model into a (more) digital model and accelerate in using data as a key asset. Data Analytics has evolved from data warehouses and BI analit into data lakes with structured and unstructured data that are the basis for new ways of machine learning based analyses. At the same time, machine learning and AI technologies have grown to more mature levels and are well able to address many other data related challenges and opportunities.

Finding the right people and building a fit-for-purpose organisation is however challenging due to the scarcity of personell and maturity/experience of data scientists. At Squadra we have data and people as the cornerstones of our business to support our customer to turn data into value.

It’s our mission to support our customers with all Data Science related capability challenges by delivering 3 types of services:


Recruitment to address your data science vacancies.

Capability Building

Capability building to setup a Data Science capability, including staffing and knowledge building.

Flexible Capacity

Flexible capacity to address temporary needs and/or knowledge gaps.


DSS has learned from experience that the first challenge in finding the right person for the right Data Science job, is determining the appropriate job description. When browsing through Data Science vacancies, term like Scientist, Engineer, Consultant, Analyst, Architect or even Wizard pop-up, which can lead to confusion. DSS has therefore made a clarifying 3-fold distinction in Data Science related job descriptions, namely: Data Scientist, Data Engineer and Data Consultant.

Data Engineer

The Data Engineer works with the Data Scientist and makes sure the appropriate data platforms are setup in such a way that the Data Science team can work.

Elastich Search
Python / R

Data Scientist

The Data Scientist has outstanding programming skills and is skilled to work with big datasets in order to transform data to information and knowledge, including communicating the data’s story visually.

Computer Vision
Cluster Analysis

Data Consultant

The Data Consultant forms the bridge between the Data Science team and the client, making sure goals and developments are aligned.

Team Management
Power BI
Data Visualization
Joey Jacobs

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