Squadra Data Science Specialists


“Squadra Data Science Specialists helps companies to fill temporary or permanent spots in their Data Science teams, based on substantive knowledge.”


We want to be the connector in a market where the demand for data science specialists is growing and there is a shortage on the market. We want to achieve this by setting up a unit of DS specialists (25/30 max) who help each other with the execution of projects at clients. This means that innovation never has to be pushed forward.”

Who we are

Jos Schreurs

Is one of the founding partners of Squadra and started the PIM/MDM practice about 9 years ago. He has extensive experience with national and international companies, amongst others in retail, wholesales and manufacturing. His hands-on approach and senior experience with implementing complex change related programs, makes him a trusted partner for many companies. He loves to travel, enjoys wining and dining and embraced Italy when living there.

Guus van de Mond

Is one of the partners of Squadra and started the Machine Learning practice in 2017. After a long stay at Conclusion, Guus decided to start his own business that focuses on the upcoming Machine Learning technology. In his spare time, Guus enjoys to play with his band and likes to attend social events.

Tjibbe van der Zeeuw

Professional networker and headhunter. From corporate C-level to tech savvy startup with passion for digital disruption and organizational change. Thinking in possibilities. In his free time, Tjibbe is enjoying life on a sportive (soccer, squash, CrossFit, sailing) or culinary way.

Joey Jacobs

With a Master of Science in the pocket, he started his journey at Squadra. Likes to combine business knowledge with technical knowledge, so you can always contact him about a chat within this field. Besides work, Joey likes to travel, sports and attend social events.

Ruben van der Zwaan

Senior data scientist and engineer with a Ph.D. in Operations Research. He has broad experience in different industries and making ideas reality.  His combination of deep technical expertise with a practical approach results in cost-effective solutions. In his free time Ruben can be found swimming, running or on the bicycle.